Stage 1 - InDesign & XML import, validation components

  • Build InDesign .idml -> Markdown conversion system
  • Build XML -> Markdown conversion system
  • Build Markdown validation tools - Allow enforcing a subset of Markdown/Kramdown.
  • Build tools for removing markdown features from text
  • Build change replay tool - given a change in a subset file, replay the change in a superset file, where the superset file contains additional formatting.

Stage 2 - Word import, InDesign export

  • Build Word -> Markdown import tool
  • Build Markdown -> InDesign (.idml) export tool
  • Build mark merger - Given a file containing certain tokens, insert those tokens into a similar file maintaining order as much as possible.

Stage 3 - Web-based interface

  • Branch GitLab
  • Integrate tools from stage 1 & stage 2
  • Enhance Markdown editing tools
  • Integrate Solr/Lucene with GitLab