Introducing the Repositext Initiative

Traditional publishing companies face ever-growing complexity and diversity in their publiation formats.

In some sectors, content must be maintained decades after it has been published, leading to a very complex and difficult versioning needs. Other sectors have legal requirements that require auditing of all changes and content by multiple personell.

To sum up: every organization has unique restrictions and needs, and existing content management systems fail miserably at meeting these needs.

Instead of providing yet another content management system, the Repositext initative aims to provide a toolset to allow organizations to build their own optimized systems and workflows.

The core approach

WYSIWYG is dead (although it was always a flawed concept, solving the wrong problem, and never actually existed); publishing to print, web, eBooks, PDFs, and apps eliminates any semblance of WYSIWG for content authors.

Instead, we propose a drastic simplificaiton of content into a plain-text, easily mergable format such as markdown.

Once we eliminate the false expectation of visual (vs. semantic) control, we can move forward with solving the workflow issues.

Supporting Markdown <-> Word and Markdown <-> InDesign

A critical part of our approach is permitting InDesign and Word import/export. This allows for flexibility in deployment and permits integration with existing processes.

Git and GitLab

To support the widely-varying needs of organizations, a DVCS is required. While it can (and generally will) be used in a centralized model, a DVCS allows for the workflow flexibility that will be needed.

On top of Git, we will branch GitLab and begin developing content (vs code)-specific functionality to assist with revision, review, and publication.

We're hiring!

If this sounds interesting, come work on Repositext at Imazen.