Large-scale content collaboration & publishing is broken. We're fixing it.

Our Initiative

Traditional publishing companies face ever-growing complexity and diversity in their publiation formats.

In some sectors, content must be maintained decades after it has been published, leading to a very complex and difficult versioning needs. Other sectors have legal requirements that require auditing of all changes and content by multiple personnel.

Every organization has unique restrictions and needs, and existing content management systems fail miserably at meeting these needs.

Instead of providing yet another content management system, the Repositext initative aims to provide a toolset to allow organizations to build their own optimized systems and workflows.

If you'd like more information about Repositext, keep reading, or check out our why page and roadmap.


Based on Git & Markdown

Git offers limitless workflow flexibility. Markdown offers a highly-refined content syntax. Together, they give us happy merges and clean version history. Both have been adopted broadly, and are likely to guide the direction of the publishing industry.

Traditional CMSes enforce a linear workflow — something that's truly absurd in today's collaborative editing and multi-channel publishing world.

Entry-point agnostic

Why should it matter what tools are used to create or edit content? We're creating precise Markdown <-> Word, Markdown <-> InDesign, and Markdown <-> HTML conversion tools (yes, both directions). We also offer two-way synchronization with In-Design and Word, which allows users to stay in their comfort zone without breaking workflow.

This will enable easy transitions, support legacy content imports, and permit hybrid workflows (some contributors can use Word while others using Markdown directly). We anticipate building a drag-and-drop web interface to make hybrid situations easier.

WYSIWYG is an anti-pattern

As we publish to an ever-growing number of medias and devices, we discover the impossibility of making everything look the same everwhere. We also discover it's a terrible goal; each media needs adaption. Consistent, simple content formats allow us to do this easily with stylesheets.

100% open-source

Imazen will be releasing everything under the MIT or Apache licenses - you can follow development at Cookie-cutter solutions aren't the answer; our open-source components and expertise will let us build the system that is right for you.

Join Us

Repositext is an initiative, and like any proper initiative, there are many ways you can help out.

Working on something similar? Let's talk!

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